New From STAMPIN’ UP “Decor Elements”

June 18, 2008

Decor Elements – See the brochure

NumbersOkay. So you have heard how excited I am about Stampin' Up!'s new line – Decor Elements. Can't you just see this in a child's room or in a classroom. I can.

Now let me show you the brochure.The brochure shows you the sizes, colors and styles that will be available on July 1st.

Decor Elements combine with SU's existing products to make beautiful, handcrafted home decor pieces. You can also personalize your surroundings with a variety of exclusive images designed to create a customized, unique space. With the self-vinyl elements you'll discover how easy it is and cost effective to do your own decorating.

Go through the brochure while you walk around your home or office. Plan your next home decorating project. Call or at to place your order. Or even consider having a Decor Element home gathering where I can show you and your friends this new home decorating category

Blessings, and until the next time, remember to hug the ones you love, none of us are promised tomorrow!

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