Team Time with my Girls!

Hi ladies,

We had our team meeting last Saturday, and we had fun (always do with my peeps).  First we congratulated Rhonda Nelson on her promotion.  I gave her a few goodies.

Team Time
She received this cool took kit for all her stampin up goodies when she comes to my meetings or classes, filled with SU goodies a beveled windowpane with her initial (thanks Patty Bennett for the tutorial) and a $25.00 gift certificate.  Rhonda received a "special" beveled windowpane, hers had a crown on it, the other team members received one too, but only with a key instead.

  Team Time-1

Here is Sheila, showing off the goodies I gave all my girls for attending our team meeting.  A pack of rhinstones, a pack of pearls, and their own initialed beveled windowpane.

Team Time-2
Here sweet Jennifer shows off her goodies.  she also received a little "extra gift for being the first to respond she was attending AND was participating in our swap!

Team Time-3
The lovely Fontainne, showing off her goodies….sweeeeet!

Team Time-4
Girls working on their team project after we discussed business stuff…. 🙂

Team Time-5
Creatin', Creatin'

Team Time-6
We made some cute Easter Bonnett's from our SU storage containers (again, compliments of my awesome upline Patty Bennett), which can hold candy, trinkets, or thier sweet initialled beveled windowpane

  Team Time-7

A close up of one of their goodies.

Team Time-8
Rhonda being silly,  wearing her sweet Easter BonnettTeam Time-9
A close up shot

Team Time-10
Here it is……her finished bonnett

  Team Time-11
Here is Sheila Bonnett

Team Time-12
And here is Jennifer's

Team Time-13

Team Time-14
Sample of the Beveled Windowpanes each of my peeps who attended received with their initial.

  Team Time-16
NOW on to my Stampin' Studio!  My Fabulous and very HANDSOME hubby is "expanding my room"….wooohoo, I am sooooooo excited and so blessed he is a Jack of all Trades!  Free labor and expertise who could want for more!

Team Time-17
From another view.  I can't wait til my new room is finished.  It will be DOUBE the size, will have a bathroom, AND my full frig will still fit in  my area, and will have some additional goodies too……..shhhhh….don't tell my peeps yet!… :-0

Thanks for hanging in there with me, blessings to all.


Blessings, and until the next time, remember to hug the ones you love, none of us are promised tomorrow!

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