Letters From Santa Card Class……

Hello my lovelies!

Wanted to share a few pics of our card class, unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures of today's class, I am totally bummed!  My memory is not what it use to be, it's just not fun getting older… :-(  At least I remembered yesterday, (that's what hubby told me, he is a doll baby, trying to make me feel better).

Card class 1
Here is Patty and Holly.  Hadn't seen their sweet faces in a while, so glad to see them in class!

Card class 2
Here is "Y", her name is Yvette, but I like to call her Y….she doesn't mind….isn't she sweet?  Been a while since I saw these gals, and it was great seeing them last night!

Card class 3
Here is Jen and Shelly, my sweet and beautiful gals!  I just love them and they are a hoot!  We have so much fun in class.

  Card class 4
Sweet girls creatin' away….. 🙂

Card class 5
Here is sweet Mary, who rarely misses a class and chance to do some creatin'…..it wouldn't be a class without her.

Card class 6
Patty and Holly purchased this card class for Y's Birthday, and the actual "day" of the class was her Birthday so I had to get her a cake!

Card class 7
Here are all the gals that attended Friday's class.  In that little group is my sweet baby girl Monica (she is the dark headed cutie patootie on the right, next to Mary).

Thanks to all my lovelies who came to create with me on Friday and the gals I missed taking pictures of on Saturday.  Love y'all!!

Until the next  time, remember to hug the ones you love, none of us are promised "tomorrow"!



Blessings, and until the next time, remember to hug the ones you love, none of us are promised tomorrow!

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