Amazing Flower Garden Class

We had so much fun putting our cards together for the Amazing Flower Garden Class.  I want to share a few pictures of the lovely ladies who attended the class.  I held the same class on two separate nights and it worked out well!  Sorry I missed taking pictures from my Friday night gals, but here are pics from today's class…….enjoy!

Card Class 1
Here is Cindi N. with her beatiful completed box and cards inside.  She said she really enjoyed the class today…..and let me say I really enjoyed having you attend Cindi, your fabulous!!!

Card Class 2
Here is Ms. Rosie with her completed Card Kit.  She is such a wonderful friend and woman, I just adore her!  Stampin' Up has given me the priveledge to meet fabulous women like Ms. Rosie!!!

Card Class 3
Selena is showing off her mommy (Jaimie's) pretty bag.  I see a future stamper here……. 🙂

Card Class 4
Is this not the sweetest picture?  Mommy and baby girl together creating…..I love it!

Thanks to all of you who allow me to help you create!  Blessings to each and every one of you.


Remember to hug the ones you love!



Blessings, and until the next time, remember to hug the ones you love, none of us are promised tomorrow!

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